Radiohead Share “I Promise”

Radiohead released “I Promise” last night, as a part of the re release of OK Computer to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the ground breaking record.  The English alternative rock band have successfully reinvented themselves and the genre time and again with each record but it’s 1997’s OK Computer that truly defined the band.

Many critics and music fans argue that OK Computer is the greatest album in music, so naturally excitement is high for the reissue which has been titled OKNOTOK, scheduled for release on June 23rd. The bands re release of their third album, will feature three unreleased tracks including “I Promise”.

The track prominently features acoustics, backed with drums and of course the desperate pained vocals of the supremely talented Thom York come to the fore.  “I Promise” fits both the sound of OK Computer and the themes of consumerism, social alienation and the feeling of emotional isolation. It’s interesting that the group decided not to include track in the original however we certainly glad we have this gem and looking forward to hearing the new songs on June 23rd.


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