Listen to Frank Ocean’s “Biking” featuring Jay Z and Tyler the Creator

Frank Ocean, has been pretty active recently releasing “Slide”, “Chanel” and now “Biking”. From an artist that is very selective on who he collaborates with and taking a long break between his first studio album Channel Orange and his sophomore record Blond, Frank’s definitely changed the pace and we’re not complaining. Biking is another record that has us bopping ours heads whilst still stirring emotions.

Biking feels like a fellow up to the final track on Blond; “Future Free”, Frank moves from vulnerable place in Future Free to a place of contentment in “Biking”. The track also serves as a metaphor for musical construction in a cyclic form with Tyler, Jay, and Frank drawing on each others verses to create unity.  This is also a reflection of the cycles that occur in life, Jay raps “Life goes in cycles, what comes around goes around So ’fore it goes down, nigga, get you some icicles”. The video also emulates this message with the video playing in a one minute loop.

Check out the track below and video below.


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