James Blake shares “My Willing Heart” video

James Blake has just shared a beautiful video for “My Willing Heart” staring Natalie Portman. This is the third video released from the English singer songwriters third studio album The Colour In Anything which was released last year to universal critical acclaim.

Up until last years release James Blake’s music has largely been a solo effort with very little features or production help. Blake’s musical style has been reflective of this with minimal, jittery rhythms, mixed with traditional piano and gospel like vocals. While maintaining introspective roots, James Blake gave us much more uplifting record last year when compared to 2013’s Overgrown and 2011’s self titled album. The inclusion of contributors like Justin Vernon, New Zealand’s psychedelic Connan Mockasin and Frank Ocean influenced the feel of the album no doubt. For this record, I just decided that I was going to let people in and allow help,” James has said of The Colour in Anything.

James Blake has always favored abstract visuals, that are at times very loosely associated to his lyrics. With “My Willing Heart” James explores the relationship between a mother and her unborn child. Listening to the track without the visuals one would assume the words “When I see my willing heart, How will I know? How will I walk slow?” is referring to the complexities of romantic love rather than maternal. However James surprises us again, check out the mesmerizing video for the equally amazing record below.


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