Frank Ocean “see’s both sides like Chanel” check out his new single

Frank Ocean gave everyone a nice surprise on Saturday morning, releasing a brand new single “Chanel” and if that wasn’t good enough, a few hours later the singer songwriter shared an A$AP Rocky remix.

Given the how long we had to wait for Frank’s follow up to  2012’s Channel Orange, (over four years), It is surprising to see Christopher Francis releasing new music less than a year after the astounding Blonde.  Frank is different to a lot of artists today with  very little social media or online presence aside from his Tumblr where he writes poetic pieces about his life and the world around us. The elusive nature of Frank adds to the allure of his music and perhaps it ensures that his focus is unwavering. Last years record Blonde and mix tape Endless serve as evidence that Frank really takes his time to perfect his art.

While the release of “Chanel” comes in quick succession to Blonde, the result remains the same. Chanel is track that is a lyrical masterclass, Frank sings about his lover “I see both sides like Chanel” utilising the symbol to imply that he understands that his lover has feminine looks and compensates with masculine actions. Duality has been important to Frank Oceans work and is a reflection of his life, being bi-sexual. Franks voice and production are again superb with an upbeat tone while still exuding the feeling of Nostalgia. Enjoy the version featuring A$AP Rocky below.




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