The XX share a new video ahead of London Night + Day shows

Yesterday The XX kicked off their London leg of their tour where they will be playing no less than eight shows. Yes the London trio have sold out the 02 Brixton eight times over, signalling how popular the band are now.

The XX released See You at the end of January, ending a four year wait for their third studio album.  The band has described the hiatus as necessary for Oliver, Jamie and Romey to grow as people before writing about their experiences again.

The group formed in 2005 after meeting in south London at Elliot School, the same school that produced Hot Chip, Burial and  Four Tet. The XX released their debut self titled album in 2009 and it was met with sweeping critical acclaim and was ninth on the Rolling Stone list of top albums. The group was shocked that their minimalist and introverted take on pop music was so popular. The follow up Coexist album built on the husky voices, drawn out guitar riffs and producer Jamie XX’s dance influenced drums, with a heavier focus on the bands personal experiences in relationships through their lyrics.

See You remains true to the bands DNA however it expands the sound to new and bold directions, the album definitely is a lot more uplifting than the last two although there’s still an air of melancholy. Oliver describes the record as an ode “to the end of the party” with euphoric highs and somber lows.

Check out The XX’s latest video which is a bit of a love letter to their homeland and the people that live in London.


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