Revisit Nujabes seven years on from his untimely death

The world lost a visionary in the Neo Jazz scene on this day seven years ago.  Jun Seba sadly passed away far too early after a traffic accident on February 28th 2010. However while the talented Japanese artist was here he certainly left his mark on the music world mixing jazz and hip hop samples to incredible effect. Jun Seba recorded three studio albums under the stage name Nujabes; Metaphorical Music in 2003, Modal Soul in 2005, and Spiritual State, released posthumously in 2011.

Working with CL Smooth, Fat Jon Terry Callier and Shing 02, Nujabes gifted us beautiful introspective instrumentals that would be both suitable playing at a trendy party, or listening alone with your headphones in contemplating life. His music possessed the ability to calm you and take you somewhere far away at the same time.

Listen to a few of his tracks and a Ta-Ku tribute series below.

Rest in beats Jun Seba.

Ta-Ku’s Tribute to Nujabes


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