Over the last weekend the NBA (National Basketball Association) held the annual all-star weekend. The all star weekend showcases the finest talent within the association. Competitions like the NBA Dunk Contest and the all star game attracts viewers from all around the world.

Although this event showcases the best the NBA has to offer, the weekend primarily provides a resting break for the athletes during a long, hard season. For this reason the Stars do not typically take the events within the event seriously. For this reason this article will mention the winners from each competition and followed up by the top visuals from the All-Star weekend.

The following contains the winners from each competition:

Rising Stars game – Team USA vs Team world: Team World

Skills challenge: Kristaps “The Unicorn” Porzingis 3 point competition: Eric Gordon

Dunk Competition: Glen Robbinson the 3rd

All Star Game – East vs West: Team West All star MVP: Anthony Davis (Who also set the new record for most points in an All Star game with 52 points)


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