Films to watch in 2017

2016 was a testing year for everyone, politics seemed to cause anger and divide us consistently. Terror attacks and natural disasters were more prevalent and things didn’t improve much economically ether.  Art,music and entertainment are always welcome distractions in times of hardship, nothing better than creative brilliance to take  our minds off real world problems. However often the best art reflects society and the world we live in. Last year we had films like Moonlight, albums like We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service by A Tribe Called Quest and an eye opening documentary Before The Flood. These pieces of art made a fantastic statement about race, gender and the state of the world we live in.

While commentary of the world through art is great and almost necessary, sometimes you just want escape the issues of the world and there’s no better way to do so than watching a quality film. We take a look at the films that will ether take us on a journey away from our world or highlight what’s going on around us.

The Circle 

The rise of social media, technology and ever increasing surveillance definitely has and will have ethical implications for society. The Circle is a novel by Dave Eggers that explores the possibilities of technology and surveillance by telling the story of Mae Holland as she joins a powerful Internet company. Director James Ponsoldt’s adaptation promises to deliver with leads Emma Watson and Tom Hanks bringing in serious acting chops.

Director: James Ponsoldt

Release Date: April 28

Trainspotting 2

Set 20 years after the cult classic original Mark Renton returns to Scotland and reunites with his old friends Sick Boy, Spud, and Begbie. Timeout has said “Like the original, T2  is a winning mix of low living and high jinx, a stylized spin on real life”. Go and see this drug fueled thrill ride as soon you as you can!

Director: Danny Boyle

Release Date: Out now

Ghost in the Shell

Based on the 1995 Japanese anime the Rupert Sanders live film adaptation has a lot to live up to this year. The casting of a non Asian lead certainly raised eye brows however if any actress can pull off the lead role of The Major then Scarlett Johansson can. If the trailer is anything to go by the visuals will definitely be impressive at least.

Director: Rupert Sanders

Release date: 31st March

Song to Song

Terrence Malick films are pretty divisive, he often mixes the lines between art house and mainstream film sensibilities. His latest is a love story set in the music scene in Austin Texas. The cast is strong enough to merit watching this alone, with Rooney Mara, Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman and Micheal Fassbender all staring.

Director: Terrence Malick

Release date: TBC 2017


Logan is rumored to be Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the iconic Wolverine and it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the character now. This is the third stand alone film for Wolverine and there’s a lot of anticipation. Logan is an adaptation of the much loved Old Man Logan comic series. Expect the claws to be out for this one, Wolverine has finally lost his PG-13 constraints so we’re tipping this to be a bloody good film. 

Director: James Mangold

Release date: 3rd March


The Alien movie series is one of the longest running in film let alone science fiction. The latest installment sees Ridley Scott returning to the directors chair for the 3rd time. Alien Covenant is the follow up to 2012’s Prometheus and Ridley Scott has promised that a lot of the unanswered questions that were raised in Prometheus will be answered in this film.

Director: Ridley Scott

Release Date: May 19

The Founder

The Founder chronicles the rise of the famous golden arches and how Ray Croc turned a small business owned by two brothers into the largest restaurant business in the world. As the trailer indicates Ray Croc was ruthlessness, ambitious and persistent in his quest. Since 2014’s Birdman Micheal Keaton has well truly got on the comeback trail and reviews suggest that The Founder is another deluxe serving from the actor.

Director: Jon Lee Hancock

Release date: 20 January 2017


Christopher Nolan has an impeccable record of creating both thought provoking and crowd pleasing films. With his seven studio films Nolan has manged to earn both critical acclaim and commercial success. There’s no doubt that he’s carved out his own style as well with large action set pieces combined with cerebral story lines, Interstellar and Inception are great examples. Let’s also not forget that Nolan redefined the comic book film genre with the exceptional  Dark Knight Trilogy. The British director is now joining long list of directors to tackle wold war 2 subject matter. The battle of Dunkirk was an important moment in the war for the European Allies and one that hasn’t been portrayed on the big screen yet.

Director: Christopher Nolan

Release Date: July 21

Blade Runner 2049

The film we’re most excited about in 2017 is none other than the follow up to 1982’s Blade Runner. Ridley’s Scott’s classic has inspired many science fiction films over the years with his take on a dystopian future and morally complex questions raised by artificial intelligence.  Blade Runner 2049 is set 30 years after the events of the original with Blade Runner Agent K (Ryan Gosling) tracking down Richard Deckhard (Harrison Ford), following a discovery that has the potential to plunge what remains of society into chaos. Denis Villeneuve helms the directors chair with Ridley Scott taking up the producer role. Villeneuve has proved he has the pedigree with 2016’s Arrival and 2015’s Sicario. The weight of expectation for this film is immense, we certainly hope it lives up to the hype.

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Release Date: October 6


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