Does McGregor stand a boxer’s chance against the Money?

As speculated in recent media outlets, the Fight of the millennium is on the horizon. The proposed boxing match between UFC superstar, Connor McGregor and the boxing world’s finest, Floyd “Money” Mayweather would be set to break every record in the book.

Both fighters have the highest pay-per-view records in their respective sports, and if this fight does indeed happen, it would not only break every record in the book, but also give a both fighters a boost on the Forbes list with both fighters set to earn well above 20 million USD each.

The “real” question that’s on everyone’s mind is in regards to the capability of the UFC’s featherweight, and lightweight champion. Although, Connor is arguably the best fighter to step inside an octagon, will this translate through to the ring? Does McGregor really have a chance in beating one of the boxing realms pantheons? Yes, he is a great fighter, but he’s a great mixed martial arts fighter and the two sports, despite similarities, are two very different beasts.

If this fight does happen, and I’m sure we all have our fingers crossed that it does, Connor will have to try and make contact with the greatest defensive boxer of all time.

In the last 20 years Maywether has proven to be thee most elusive fighter seen within the boxing world, and very few boxers have made real contact that has put Maywether in any sort of jeopardy. If Connor has a boxer’s chance at all, it’ll be via a miracle punch that has been tried by many great boxers previously. We know Connor holds a great amount of power in both hands, it’s just a matter of landing the shot that would boost his stardom into the stratosphere.

What we do know for sure is that, if and when this fight happens, we’ll all be watching intensively as it will the fight of our life time.



(Via @FloydMayweather IG)


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2 thoughts on “Does McGregor stand a boxer’s chance against the Money?

    1. I agree 100%. Amazing athlete and mma fighter, but I can’t see this translating to a boxing match with Floyd. However, if he were to connect with Floyd, he’d be in some serious danger. “If” being the key word in that sentence.


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