Heron Preston’s “For You, The World” 2017 Fall/Winter Collection

Heron Preston’s “For You, The world” FW17 collection has made an appearance in Paris’s fashion week. Heron has made himself stand out in the circle of fashion leaving a strong mark and growing for the years to come. Orange is the take over in this collection for obvious and vibrant reasons.

Modeled by Cyber69_ and Gullyguyleo the collection remarks a natural theme, natural spark and natural pose by most of the models. Most of this due to the camo on most of the items, almost a hunters look expressing hunting even through bullet holes tactically placed on the strap caps. Also included in the collection are a wide range of accessories, inclusive of key chains, clasps and bags. The item standing out of the crowd in the collection goes to the air force ones with a touch of blood colored paint decorating the shoes sole, this was a very creative move on the board by Heron making its first bloody appearance to the collection.

Be sure to look at the whole gallery below and leave your thoughts!



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