A look at Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2017 collection

Acne studios has uncovered its pre-fall 2017 collection. There new collection brings out the abstract from every single piece of material used. It is styled in a contemporary, alternative and abstract art directed theme which was put together by there team in Sweden.

The collection itself ranges from a rock-star themed leather jacket to a flashback of the 80’s in there striped-matched outfits, all this shows off the amount of variety and free thinking designs that the clothing line works for. The overall design of the pre-fall collection gives out the look suited for a punk icon. Surprisingly Acne’s Jonny Johansson had recruited Mary chain legend Bobby Gillespie as been the lead model for the collection on a last minute call: “As I was finalizing this collection, I realized I had designed a look for Bobby Gillespie”. – Johnny Johansson (explained as an official press statement).

Checkout the collection below for the full Acne Studios pre-fall 2017 taste/experience.


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